Arbitration Services

Arbitration is recognised as the dispute resolution mechanism of choice by many major technology organisations. Unlike litigation, the process can be controlled by the parties who can decide upon the complexity of the process and, most importantly, the choice of arbitrator or arbitral tribunal.

In disputes with a high technical complexity, the choice of an arbitrator with an excellent grasp of the technical issues, preferably through real industry experience, as well as a thorough appreciation of the legal ramifications of the dispute, can be key in bringing disputes to a successful conclusion.

Innotec’s arbitrators bring with them a wealth of industrial and business experience in electronics, microelectronics and software and are also trained to Fellowship level with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Innotec’s arbitrators have produced in excess of a hundred written awards under a wide variety of arbitration rules and schemes, ranging from consumer arbitrations, through renewable energy to complex international engineering disputes.

Where technical understanding is key – Innotec can provide the right arbitrator for the assignment.