Mediation Services

As the courts – and clients – move increasingly towards mediation as an effective means of private dispute resolution, parties are looking for ways to ensure a successful outcome to their particular dispute, without the costs and bad publicity that litigation can bring.

One area that can often cause difficulties is the technical content of the dispute.  Whilst negotiators and commercial mediators may be well briefed, they cannot be expected to understand all the technical complexities, and technical teams themselves are rarely directly involved in mediations.

Innotec offers a high-quality mediation service delivered by recognised industry experts with a wealth of experience in the fields of electronics, microelectronics and software.

Innotec consultants have industry-recognised qualifications in mediation, supported by significant experience in mediation, arbitration and litigation. Innotec consultants have led or assisted in mediations, arbitrations and litigation where the level of technical complexity has been extremely high.

Bringing together technical teams for technical mediation, Innotec consultants have been able to help parties reach settlement quicker and easier through the resolution of technical issues.

Innotec consultants are qualified and able to provide full commercial mediation, or technical mediation in support of a broader commercial mediation.  Innotec’s experience shows that both these approaches are effective in reaching an early resolution – something that can be particularly important when an ongoing relationship is to be maintained between the parties.