Expert Witness Services

Innotec offers a high-quality Expert Witness service delivered by recognised industry experts in the fields of electronics, microelectronics and software.
Innotec consultants have significant hard-won experience as expert witnesses in Europe, the USA and the Far East.  Working for leading law firms in support of their clients, Innotec consultants have been involved in some of the largest and most complex technology disputes brought before courts and arbitral tribunals. Innotec’s Expert Witness experience includes:
  • Intellectual property cases, where Innotec has been retained in complex disputes regarding many different aspects of intellectual property infringement
  • Contract disputes – including Professional Negligence and Product Liability cases, where Innotec’s skills have been key in analysing complex products and software systems to ascertain whether they meet contracted requirements and, where they have failed, in establishing liability for failure.
  • Criminal cases, where Innotec’s technical analysis of evidence has resulted in the conviction of criminals and terrorists
Innotec has helped its clients by:
  • Analysing patents and prior art in support of Intellectual Property actions
  • Undertaking forensic engineering on behalf of clients to establish causes of failure in complex products and systems
  • Analysing software systems to identify counterfeiting and intellectual property
  • Performing environmental tests to assess conformance with specifications of systems and equipment
  • Analysing technical evidence for homeland security organisations in anti-terrorist cases

Innotec has :

  • Produced expert reports and statements relating to complex technical issues
  • Provided courtroom testimony and deposition on behalf of clients in jurisdictions throughout the world
  • Provided advice on technical robustness and formation of cases for clients in the early stages of disputes
In summary, Innotec has the proven skills, expertise and experience to support you in your complex technical litigation